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Both in the Palazzo and in the Castello

The Castello

The magnificent Castello is an authentic corner of England. The architecture and accompanying park represent one of the purest representations of Neo Gothic Revival to be found in Italy. Its terrace with spectacular views over the Lake, the elegant reception rooms, echoing galleries and wide-sweeping lawns all bear witness to this architectural style.
This elegant mix of age old traditions and prestigious reception rooms, combined with the excellence of the in-house catering service will ensure that every reception can be personalised and rendered unique.

The Palazzo

Built by the Visconti d’Aragona family, the Palazzo has retained its distinctive Italian style terraced garden whilst the farm annexes have been converted into the modern hotel.
The elegant rooms with Swarovski glass chandeliers, marble floors, and antique mirrors offer an exclusive and elegant venue for an unforgettable day.
A wide range of proposals from the hotel chef, well known for the excellence of his dishes, will round out the exciting opportunities for a truly memorable event.

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