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Luxury hotel Lake Maggiore
Castello Dal Pozzo is a luxury hotel on Lake Maggiore which represents a point of excellence in this area’s field of hospitality traditions.

A luxury hotel on Lake Maggiore that is more than just a hotel: it is an exciting dive into history since the origins of this property, which today is home to a luxury hotel, lie in a Viscount residence  built around 1000. From then on, throughout the centuries, the complex was witness to highly important historical events and people, right up until it was abandoned but then later restored with the idea of turning it into a luxury hotel, as well as making the commune of Oleggio Castello famous on an international level, which is a true gem of hospitality of Lake Maggiore.

Castello Dal Pozzo, a luxury hotel on Lake Maggiore, is also a place for relaxation and exclusivity, as well as the 18th Century palace which is home to 30 luxury rooms which provide for pleasant and comfortable stays, just like the eight stylish rooms available in the former historical accommodation, where guests can enjoy the charm of historical environments that are embellished with antique paintings of the Dal Pozzo family, and where the original finishes from the 19th Century are combined with the discreet presence of the most modern technology.
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CASTELLO : Via Dal Pozzo 24 in RECEPTION: Via Visconti 8
28040 Oleggio Castello (NO)
3H srl P.IVA:02397230034
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