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Edoardo Raspelli

Il bello e il buono - Edoardo Raspelli
The fast highway that from the Piedmontese valleys to the border with Simplon and Switzerland gives you Lake Maggiore and drops you off at the sea of ​​Genoa, allows you to exit at the Arona toll booth.

Antonino Chef Academy

Antonino Chef Academy, 5 things to know on Castello dal PozzoAntonino Chef Academy, the new culinary talent led by chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo has started and in the first episode we were able to observe the wonderful location in which the program is set. It is the Dal Pozzo Castle, in the province of Novara. Let's discover the five curiosities that you still don't

Antonino Chef Academy

Antonino Chef Academy, the new cooking program with Cannavacciuolo
Ten young chefs led by Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo challenge each other to conquer a place in the starred stoves of Villa Crespi. The appointment with Antonino Chef Academy is from 12 November at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno (channel 108) and on digital terrestrial on channel 455.

Antonino Chef Academy

Antonino Chef Academy, all competitors of CannavacciuoloThe new Antonino Chef Academy culinary format has started on Sky Uno, broadcast every Tuesday at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno (channel 108) and on digital terrestrial on channel 455. Waiting to see the next challenges and the tough tests that the young chefs will face, here are the 10 competitors revealed in the first episode. To leave the scene, despite himself, is Andrea Russo, a young Sardinian

The ghost is waiting

The ghost is waiting for you on Halloween
If you have commitments for Halloween night? If the idea does not scare you too much, you can spend it in the company of the Marquis Dal Pozzo d'Annone and Barbara, the ghost who for centuries haunted their castle above Arona, on Lake Maggiore.

Antonino Chef Academy

Antonino Chef Academy: second season confirmed
EndemolShine Italy, through its reference social networks. The production confirms that registrations are open for the casting for the search of 10 new young competitors to be introduced in the television school of the chef of Vico Equense. The winner of the first edition of the program was Davide Marzullo, a 23 year old from Uboldo (a town in the province of Varese). In addition to the title of champion, he also won a one-year employment contract at Villa Crespi.

The heroes of the virus in hotels

The heroes of the virus for free in VIP hotels
The initiative from Forte dei Marmi to Corvara.
Objective, to save a summer that will certainly not go down in history to be the happiest. Doctors and nurses know it well, the so-called "white-coat heroes" who fought against the spread of the pandemic. 150 died by treating the infected: a terrible price, attributable also to a state that had the duty to protect them, and instead did not do it adequately.