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Just for you

Castello Dal Pozzo - La Cultura

Just for you 

The Dal Pozzo d'Annone family has been the custodian of the Castello for more than six generations. Today the property is in the hands of the three brothers, Oberto, Vittorio and Cassiano, while the hospitality business is given to the heirs of Cassiano, Aimone and Guendalina. 


Castello Dal Pozzo - Il team



Different profiles that correspond to different suggestions. Discover Lake Maggiore with us!

This guide, Just for you, is our way of giving you some advice, to make you spend your holidays as if you were one of the family.


Cassiano - Chairman

Eighty, he knows the history of the resort by heart, if you cross paths with him, ask away, you will be hooked. He loves swimming, you will see him by the pool early in the morning.

Castello Dal Pozzo - Cassiano

Nicki - Honorary VP

Seventy-year-old passionate about good food, you will often see her in hotel restaurants. Her secret to eternal youth is long walks in the park, where he has filed everything.

Castello Dal Pozzo - Nicki


Andrea - General Manager

Refined fifty-year-old, lover of the good life and spending time with the family. Sportsman, after a game of tennis he likes to relax with a massage.

Castello Dal Pozzo - Di Valentino

Aimone - CEO

In his forties, a lover of good but simple things, he is passionate about his lake and all the glimpses it can offer. In his spare time he enjoys mountain trekking and crossfit.

Castello Dal Pozzo - Aimone


Guendalina - Sales & Marketing

Thirty years old, she loves being outdoors, her Frenchie Kona, pizza and ice cream. Passionate cyclist, you will often see her in the bike room and you will find her favorite routes on Strava.

Castello Dal Pozzo - Guendalina

CDP Staff - A bit of everything

A mix of tastes and interests, but always focused on quality. Follow the advice of our staff for a simple choice that will remain impressed but that you will not be able to forget.

Castello Dal Pozzo - Staff