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Le Fief Restaurant

Castello dal Pozzo | Ristorante Le Fief

Le Fief Restaurant

Located in the Palazzo, our personalized restaurant reveals a cuisine that reflects the long history of hospitality of Castello Dal Pozzo Resort and Lake Maggiore.

Guests can sit in the refined dining rooms inside, or outside, on the terrace with its fountain and a view of the Castle park.

The special Tradition menu offers some of the traditional dishes that were served, over time, to the Dal Pozzo family.




From a simple business breakfast to a romantic dinner for two, Le Fief offers a warm, intimate and elegant atmosphere, ideal for a memorable dining experience.


History and Wines

Castello Dal Pozzo - Ristorante Le Fief

The name le "Fief" (Feud), was born at the time when the international language was French. These lands and possessions had been the fulcrum of the Visconti family since the year 1000, even before it rose to the Signoria, 1277 and then to the Duchy of Milan. The marquis Alberto Visconti d'Aragona (1811-1895), the last of the lineage, renewed the ancient tradition of hospitality that has evolved and, in our times, assumes a new concept of hospitality, which makes attention to detail and refinement of details the main elements of strength.

The ‘Le Fief’ Restaurant is pleased to offer its guests a wine and drinks list that includes labels chosen not only from amongst the most well known but also a selection of little known ‘jewels’.

An ongoing selection that will continually endeavour to offer our guests some newly unearthed treasure of a wine label, grape variety or young producer.

These choices are always based on a detailed attention to the terrain, certain in our belief that it is the person that creates the value of a company, giving it its unique character.

We leave up to you the choice of discovering a new wine for yourself from our selection, or allowing our staff to offer you some suggestions as to what to combine with your choice of menu.



Opening time

Le Fief is open every day from 19.30 to 22.30 and from 12.00 to 14.00 on weekends and holidays. Reservation is suggested. A classic, elegant dresscode is required.