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Ristoranti & Bar - Castello Dal Pozzo

Try the dining experience at Castello Dal Pozzo

Experience the culinary experience of Castello Dal Pozzo The gourmet gastronomic experience offered at Castello Dal Pozzo is made up of a mixture of traditional dishes with highly innovative cuisine, an example for restaurants in Piedmont.

Our guests can choose between the award-winning restaurant 'Le Fief', one of the most romantic on Lake Maggiore and the informality of a dinner or tasting at the 'Dan Garden Lounge', surrounded by the nature of the secular park. 

During the day the bistro of the Folia Life, located by the pool, offers light dishes and fruit extracts and in the evening the American Bar on the Italian Terrace offers aperitifs while you are lulled by the sound of the cascading water of the illuminated fountain.


Castello Dal Pozzo



The refinement of flavors and an extremely accurate service