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Sport and golf

Castello Dal Pozzo - Sport and golf

Golf & Sport

Sports in one of the most beautiful areas of Piedmont Overlooking Lake Maggiore in the most scenic area of Piedmont, Castello Dal Pozzo is located in the center of the best attractions and tourist places to visit in the area and ideal for lovers of golf and sports activities in general. Lake Maggiore, or Verbano as it was once called, is a glacial, pre-Alpine lake and is the second largest in Italy.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Over the centuries renowned writers such as Dickens, Stendhal, Hemingway and Flaubert have been able to draw inspiration from its crystal clear waters.

The whole area could be compared to a treasure waiting to be discovered; palaces, botanical gardens, monuments and secular parks, the magnificent Borromean Islands and all the many suggestive corners scattered around Lake Maggiore. 


Castello Dal Pozzo - Golf & Sport


Mens sana in corpore sano

The best golf courses in northern Italy are all located around Lake Maggiore near our hotel.

There are also infinite possibilities in case you decide to travel with your bike, and if you love running, you will not be disappointed. In addition, there are numerous possibilities for alternative sports such as Tree Top, Canoeing, E-bike, Triathlon and much more.