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Four More Shots Please!

Four More Shots Please!

Season 3 starting 21 October 2022

The third new season of the Emmy-nominated Indian TV series, produced by Pritish Nandy Communications, directed by Joyeeta Patpatia and written by Devika Bhagat and Ishita Moitra, is now underway. You know the protagonists, the four friends from different social backgrounds unabashedly dealing with cheeky, uninhibited relationships, love affairs and everyday life, not always with a happy ending.

But what does Castello Dal Pozzo have to do with this irreverent TV series?



Where were some scenes of Four More Shots filmed?

One surprise of the third season concerns the locations: in fact, the new episodes will take the characters and viewers not only to Mumbai, but also to Italy, precisely to Lake Maggiore.

You will therefore find the Castello Dal Pozzo and its centuries-old park providing the setting for the adventures of the four girls. Yes, last May, the entire film crew was a guest for about a week, where they filmed some scenes on the occasion of the birthday of one of the characters, Siddhi, which will be shown in two episodes (episodes 8 and 9) of the TV series.

Castello Dal Pozzo - Piscina